We all know that feeling. Butterflies, dry mouth, pounding heart. Being nervous is one of my least favorite feelings, but it seems like it’s always around the corner. I get nervous before tests, cross country meets, public speaking… the list goes on. And it really sucks because there’s nothing you can do to make it go away. So I just always try to tell myself that fear can be a good thing.
I hate feeling nervous before meets. A creeping feeling of dread comes over me, and I can’t stop worrying that I’ll run badly. But I’ve learned that this anxiety makes me run faster – it gives me adrenaline and motivates me to push myself. I honestly do more poorly in meets when I’m not nervous beforehand. The same goes for things like Model UN conferences or exams; fear keeps me on my toes and helps me concentrate. And if I never got nervous about anything, wouldn’t that mean I didn’t really care?
I still definitely don’t like being nervous, but since I can’t stop it, I’ll just try to embrace it. If you’re feeling scared about anything right now, you can do it! It’s going to happen, life will move on, and eventually you’ll forget it even happened:)