I’ve written many papers, speeches, and essays about the legitimacy of alien life and here I am again doing the exact same thing. I am an alien vigilante–I won’t stop until everyone finally accepts the cold hard fact that aliens r real! How could you possibly believe that they aren’t? In a universe so big, how could you believe that we are the only living beings? That is so narrow minded and self centered. The universe is much too big for us to be the only living beings and all it takes to realize that is a little bit of common sense.

Another great theory that potentially suggests the existence of aliens is the multiverse theory! This theory can never be confirmed, but that should not stop us from at least considering its legitimacy. The multiverse theory states that there is more than just our universe–in fact, there may even be an infinite amount of universes. If this is the case, then that means that there are an infinite amount of possibilities–literally everything that you can imagine exists in one of these universes. Aliens included!

The vastness of the universe makes it unlikely for us to ever find evidence of alien lifeforms–at least in our lifetimes. The only way that said alien life forms would be revealed to us is if a particular alien civilization happened to be far more advanced than us and literally wanted us to know that they exist. We do not have to technology at this point in time to travel the universe extensively enough to be able to seek these alien life forms out. Therefore, we cannot say with confidence that aliens do not exist, because scientifically, we have no way of knowing that they don’t exist. Therefore, it is only logical to assume that they are real until proven otherwise.

You can literally fit 1.3 million earths inside of the sun and within the milky way galaxy alone there are approximately 100 billion solar systems. This means that there are 100 billion suns within our galaxy, WHICH MEANS that there are at LEAST 100 billion other planets in our galaxy alone. How could you possibly think that out of 100 billion plus planets–just in our galaxy, mind you–that we are the ONLY intelligent life forms?

So yeah if you don’t think aliens r real yet you and I will have to coordinate an abduction so that you can be set in your place and shown the truth!!