According to Web MD, my health related life line, about 20 to 40 percent of young women and older women douche. What is douching you ask? Well, douching is a method of washing your lady parts that uses a mixture of water and vinegar. These are most likely sold in your local drugstore. When you purchase this item it comes in the form of a bottle or a bag and basically sprays up through a tube into the vagina. Honestly, why on Earth would you ever do this to yourself. Douching is known to cause vaginal infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, complications with pregnancy, cervical cancer, etc. Wow, doesn’t that sound worth it. Douching causes an overgrowth of harmful bacteria that is unnecessary for your vaginal health. People may argue and say that this is necessary for cleaning out an area that seems so dirty, but your vagina in all seriousness was made to clean itself!! It doesn’t need a second party trying to help out, but in actuality screwing everything up. Don’t douche, just don’t do it.

Much Love Always,


Artwork: Krista Leibovitz