I am a feminist. I also crush majorly and often. Celebrities, boys I never talked to but admired from a distance, neighbors. When I tell people about these “loves,” though, they always laugh and shake their heads at me, the vapid, boy-obsessed ditz who can’t use commas correctly or spell “Wednesday” without sounding it out.

Yes, I have a lot of crushes. I love boys. That does not make me any less of a feminist. Loving someone else does not make you any less independent or strong or self-reliant. The two are not mutually exclusive. To any girl who has ever felt dumb or un-feminist because she loves to love people – don’t. I have a truly impressive history of crushes, and I am a hardcore feminist. Here is the proof.



Matthew Gray Gubler

Ah, my Criminal Minds phase. So quirky. So handsome.


Dylan O’Brien

My first and longest-lasting celebrity crush. When I was but a child of thirteen, my sister introduced me to an awe-inspiring show entitled Teen Wolf. In it, this fine specimen. I have stuck with him ever since.


Newt From The Maze Runner Movie

This basically just happened because Dylan O’Brien was in The Maze Runner so I went to see it in theaters and this guy was adorable, like a stuffed panda or something you win at the fair.


Sebastian Stan

My God. That scene in Captain America: Civil War where he flips onto the motorcycle, though.


A Kid From My Summer Camp Who Will Remain Nameless In The Interest Of Security

He had red hair and freckles and I thought he was really funny. One time, he held my canoe steady while I climbed in and called me by name and, in that instant, I could see our entire future together.


Another Kid Who Used To Live Near Me And Who Will Also Remain Nameless In The Interest Of Security

I’m still not quite sure how this happened. One day I thought he’s cute, the next day I thought he’s the love of my life, and two weeks later I forgot he existed.


90’s Leonardo DiCaprio

I watched Titanic.


Steven Yeun

I saw him on Conan and tried to watch The Walking Dead for him, but oh no. It was much too scary.

UPDATE: Well, I was thinking of re-trying that show, but not now. Not anymore. Not after that Twitter explosion.


Andrew Garfield

He was in the Amazing Spider-Man and he stole my tiny little preteen heart right along with Emma Stone’s.


Grant Gustin

I crushed hard on this man, the titular character on The Flash. Also, a singer. I tried to watch his episodes on Glee, but I just couldn’t.


Jack Frost From Rise of The Guardians

Come on, like you’ve never had a crush on an animated character.


Percy Jackson/Logan Lerman

I had a little trouble distinguishing my feelings here. Did I like the actor? Did I like the character? The world will never know.


Alex Rider

Definitely liked the character on this one. Alex Pettyfer gave me weird vibes.


A Boy Whom I Encountered In Passing When I Accidentally Attended Poetry Camp

My first future frat boy. His face was amazingly symmetrical.


Another, Very Different, Boy With Whom I Shared A Class At Accidental Poetry Camp

There is a strong case that this boy is not entirely straight, but a girl can dream. Although, with his half shaved head and man bun and flowery hand movements and kimono emblazoned with roses and almost scary love of Sylvia Plath, what’s not to like?


Dave Franco

I watched Now You See Me and he had the best fight scene and my heart fell out of my chest.


Anthony Mackie

His personality and his cheekbones enchanted me.


In conclusion: love those boys (or girls)! Don’t be afraid to love freely and often because you are a badass feminist who doesn’t need a partner but can still admire her options.