Fortunately, growing up I never placed too much importance on love: finding it, being IN it, etc. I think we were all interested in appealing to the opposite sex or at least finding a partner we could relate to on some level — maybe go see a movie with? So now that I am legally an “adult”, I find it so strange seeing my friends still in that “I need a partner to complete me” phase. Of course I tell them “you don’t need anyone to complete you” or “you need to spend some time alone with yourself before you can truly be with someone else”, but of course that goes in one ear and out the other. Rightfully so! All of those pick-me-up lines I have on standby for my friends are just a crock of crap that you could find on a cheat sheet for a trainee therapist. But who am I to be giving advice on being happily single when I’ve been dating someone for about a year? Bear with me, because I think I may be onto the answers of the universe.

I truly believe that you cannot find happiness with someone else until you are somewhat happy with yourself. Somewhat, you may ask? Yes, somewhat. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be totally happy with myself, but I’m getting there and I think that’s why I was able to fall in love. I was able to appreciate a partial stranger because I appreciated and respected myself. I am definitely not saying that those who are not happily in love do not love and appreciate themselves properly — no, no, no. All I’m saying is that if you can find something that makes you fulfilled in your everyday life, it will show. You will radiate everything that is amazing, wonderful, and special about you to everyone else, and then anything is possible. Maybe you’ll find the love of your life in line with you at Noodles & Company, or maybe you’ll find a dog. Who wouldn’t be happy finding a dog?

Long story long, I was incredibly lucky to find the person I am with right now, but I don’t think I would’ve found him without loving life without him. So that’s all I got for an eighteen year old trying to give young women advice on literally the most general and complicated topic ever. Signing off.

Much Love Always,