Most of you are probably familiar with the book Looking for Alaska. If you have not read the book (I am guilty of reading it 3 times in 9th grade), I was intrigued by the character Pudge. It wasn’t because of his personality or the way he was portrayed in the book; it was his odd obsession with last words. Pudge read biography after biography of a slew of different people, memorizing each of their very last words. After reading the book, I came to the conclusion that these last words helped give meaning to his own life. And then I suddenly realized how much last words meant to me. Not the last words of my favorite celebrities, not the last words of well renowned poets or authors, but my own last words.

Before you think to yourself, “Is this girl seriously concerned about the last words she’s going to utter with her last dying breath?” I’m talking about how I leave a conversation or an argument. I have a very close relationship with both of my parents, and we always show how much we appreciate each other. Not matter if I’m having the best day ever or I am fighting all day long with my parents, I always end the conversation with “I love you,” and if I don’t, I get very anxious and worked up because life is precious, and you never know what is going to happen the next day. The same goes for my friends. Having good moments with them is no problem at all, but I refuse to leave my friends on a bad note because I cannot bear the thought of something happening and knowing that the last interaction I had with them was an argument or one of us saying something we simply did not mean.

Maybe this is me just being a very nervous and paranoid girl who is a people pleaser at heart, and maybe all of this sounds ridiculously cliche. But I encourage all of you grrls to be conscious of your last words. Life is short and precious. There will be times or arguments and disagreements, but never ever end a conversation on a bad note. Even if things are heated in the moment, take a second to show some love. Love your parents, love your friends, spread love to everyone around you. And by the last words of William Henry Seward, “Nothing, just love one another.”

Much love,