I love conspiracy theories. Okay, I’m slightly obsessed with them. I will fully admit to the countless hours I have spent researching and contemplating them with little to no shame. Some being mainstream, while others are slightly less known to the majority, I enjoy sifting through an array of thought provoking conspiracies. Some are simply laughable, but others have changed my outlook.

One theory that sparked my interest greatly is called Last Thursdayism. This theory basically states that all life could have emerged “last Thursday” (or any other moment in time) and we were all born with memories and thoughts of existence, leading us to believe life has existed for much longer than “last Thursday.” Honestly, reading this for the first time scared me greatly.

Another one of my favorite theories is the theory that Paul McCartney secretly died in 1966 and the current man posing as him is simply a decoy. The reasoning behind this theory is found in one of the band’s songs, “I’m so tired.” When listening to a snip of this song backward, it sounds as if they are saying “paul is dead, miss him, miss him.” Although this theory seems completely absurd I can’t help but get hooked (I mean the evidence is inarguable to say the least, right? )

Another theory I find to be quite interesting is the theory that Willy Wonka is the children’s version of Saw. Think about it, as Willy Wonka guides the children through his factory, they begin to be picked off one by one- where do they go? Well a pretty well thought out explanation is that Willy Wonka is a serial killer, killing each child who enters his factory. And if that’s not bad enough, based on this theory, in the end, Charlie kills himself out of insanity once he discovers that Wonka had been killing the kids this whole time which would explain why at the end of the movie they fly away. I hate that I believe this theory because I will never be able to watch this “children’s” movie the same way. I hope everyone finds these theories as fascinating as I do!

P.S. The moon landings were NOT faked