Happy December, GrrlPunchers!

The theme for this month is Wonder! This month will focus on the magical aspect of winter and the holiday season as well as our innermost thoughts about our surroundings and our fascination in bettering ourselves.

My current situation and living space isn’t what I would call wonder-filled, but more like wonder-less. Now that November is over I can finally take a deep breath. November is my least favorite of the twelve months of the year and I would skip it or hibernate if I could. Nothing good seems to happen in November because, for me, it’s the month before the “end of it all” even though we have an entire December ahead of us. November is period where people try to make up for lost time or lost efforts after the unavoidable evaluation of what they have done with their time and whether it was enough. Did you live the most beautiful, colorful life you could this year? Did it make you happy? It seems I always get to this point in November where I look back and I’m not satisfied. I feel no sense of wonder when I look back on 2016, but I understand that most people suffer from this feeling. With family-filled holidays around the corner and the ill-fitting christmas decorations accompanied by sunny and 65 degree weather, wonder-less-ness seems inescapable.

But I don’t like reminiscing and having this bad taste in my mouth because, really, I did a lot in 2016 that even if I wouldn’t describe these actions as groundbreaking or wild, they were still noteworthy and something to be proud of. GrrlPunch opened its store and actually sold things, GrrlPunch held another successful event and helped out some really great charities, I graduated high school, I went to college(!), I didn’t kill my polar opposite roommate, etc. This month, I challenge you to be better to yourself in every way possible–to take pride in the little accomplishments or the big ones. Maybe I’m not totally happy with my year because I’m selfish in what I want, or what I want to achieve. But I think that can be a really good thing despite selfishness having a negative connotation. I don’t consider it a bad thing that I want more for my life and that I recognize that because through recognizing that I want to work harder to achieve these high goals. So this month be selfish as well as happy with yourself- reflect on how wonderful your life is, but also how wonderful it can and will be in the future. You may be your biggest and worst critic, but you’re also your own wonder woman. Have a WONDERful December, GrrlPunchers.

Much Love Always,