Maybe it is just me, but has anyone else ever noticed how many things “guys secretly hate”? It seems everywhere I look on the internet there are listicle articles containing copious amounts of things boys just absolutely disdain. I subscribe to a variety of different snapchat stories to gain some insight into what girls want to read about. And, recently I’ve noted that SO many magazines are producing these articles that contain this supposedly “top-secret” information on the male mind.

At first, these articles peaked my interested. I gave the first list I came across a good scroll through, and as I progressed through the article I realized it was all complete bull. First of all, most of the examples seemed just entirely made up. For example, in one article entitled “10 Things Guys Secretly Hate About Kissing,” they noted that men hate “accidentally making out with your hair.” In all of my years, I have never once had a boy accidentally kiss my hair. I’m not even sure how that situation could possibly arise. Also, I’m pretty sure if a boy is lucky enough to be kissed by a girl, they will have little to no complaints. So the entire premise of that article seemed invalid.

The second thing I encountered in that article was the underlying rape-y vibe it had. One of the points they listed was that men hate it “when you don’t kiss back.” If a women does not kiss you back there is probably a pretty good reason. Women (and any gender for that matter) do not owe anyone anything. If someone does not want to kiss someone, they do not have to! No one should be making listicle articles to shame that. Perhaps, people should ask permission before going straight in for a kiss. An open line of communications would help people avoid situations like that altogether.

Finally, I hate the impression it leaves on young women. I remember reading Cosmo as a young girl thinking I would gain some sort of insight, but boy was I wrong. Sure these articles are silly to read, but they definitely do not hold any valuable truth. If you are involved with someone that secretly hates everything you do, they are not worth your time. These articles are just another form of brainwashing, leaving girls with the impression that they have to fix or alter themselves to suit a man’s desires. How about we all live our lives the way we want, and love other people for who they are. I should not have to be constantly aware of how I kiss or how I flirt, and I definitely should not be worrying about what my partner thinks about it.

So, from now on when you’re swiping through snapchat or scrolling through your favorite news source, skip those pointless articles. I can guarantee you that anyone worth your time won’t give a heck about whether your lips are chapped or not.