Christmas is that holiday where family and friends get together

Coming after Thanksgiving, it’s often forgotten

Basically they’re the same, except one requires more wrapping paper

Once upon a time I forgot about Christmas

I knew it was coming but I didn’t really prepare

The house was in total disarray and I didn’t mind

I treated this day like any other holiday until Snapchat told me otherwise

Christmas wasn’t ruined but it felt kind of rushed, the way you go to the grocery store during the holidays and you fight for the last carton of eggs

Rushed Christmas, ruined Christmas

How does one accomplish the perfect ruined Christmas?

Do you block the chimney so Santa can’t wiggle down, or do you forget the milk and cookies so he won’t stick around

Will the tree be put up – live or fake?

Are traditions altered putting the family’s future at stake?

How would you ruin Christmas and would you do it willingly?

Out of joy?

Out of boredom?

Out of love and admiration for the Grinch who decided he’d steal this holiday?

Do you think about these things when you stare at the ceiling late into the night?

Is this what you keep in a journal close to your heart, where your brain doesn’t have jurisdiction?

Or are you just not fond of red and green tinsel linking people and customs and homes?

Whether you like Christmas or not, it comes once a year

As festive events go, you must revel in the good, ole-fashioned, rhyming Christmas cheer

But if that’s not your speed you can embrace a new era, and plan to ruin Christmas next year