This year, I’ve been wondering a lot of things. Some are temporary, like will I go to my friend’s house after school, will I finish my homework before midnight, and will I pass AP Chemistry? And I know almost everyone wonders about things like those. But also, on a larger scale, I wonder other things, like what my life will be like next year, will time travel exist, do aliens exist? While wondering about things is good, sometimes my wonder turns into worry, because I have to know the answers.

As humans, we tend to want to know everything—it’s how we keep control. Not many people are content to sit back and wait—they want to actually find the answers. And while this is good, there are just some things we won’t be able to know in our lifetimes. And we have to be okay with that. Some things, like how our lives will be like next year, we will know. Wondering about that is okay. But wanting to know the answer right now, worrying about it right now—that’s when it starts to become a bad thing. The worrying is often worse than the actual reality.

And worrying about things we won’t ever know—I think that at some point, we have to accept that we’ll never know the answer. And that’s hard. I still struggle to accept that there are some things I won’t know, because I’m used to finding the answers. We all are. I have to accept that I probably won’t know if there’s life on other planets, I won’t know if time travel will exist. My whole life, I’ve wondered about those things and thought “Oh, well, it’s okay that I don’t know now because I’ll know later.” But the thing is, I won’t. It doesn’t even just apply to technology—we will never know what everyone thinks of us in our lifetime, and you have to be okay with that. Accepting things as they are is hard, but in this case, necessary.

I’m not telling you to stop wondering. And I’m definitely not telling you to be complacent with what you know. But just know, that at some point, you’re going to find something that you will never know the answer to, and accepting that is never easy. But you won’t be alone in that struggle, because pretty much everyone in the world will be right there with you.