Welcome to 2017, but let’s not forget 2016…

I am a New Years hater. I think that New Years/New Years Eve is the is the fakest-real holiday to grace our calendars. It is universally celebrated and marks the beginning of entirely new year and yet I’m very cynical of whether or not it should be given the hype that most social media, tv shows, and movies give it. Does this one night really set the tone for the year ahead? Does that kiss at midnight really matter as much as we’re told to believe it does? No.

Although I am still very young and (maybe) haven’t experienced my best New Year nights yet, it has still never been anything that I’ve imagined. New Years seems like this holiday where you pull out that sparkly, glitter dress that you’d never have the funds to purchase and sip mojitos and martinis with your socialite friends until the clock strikes twelve. And yeah, maybe someone is living it up like Carrie Bradshaw or the rich kids of Gossip Girl on their amazing night, but shit yourself not- most of us aren’t. Everything doesn’t always sparkle, but I didn’t let it ruin my night and neither should you from here on out. Here is a more comforting clip from the Sex and the City movie that shows that not everyone is having the New Years of their dreams, which may be a little comforting.

I think a problem I’ve had with this New Years, specifically, is everyone saying that we need to forget 2016. Breaking News: that fixes nothing. If 2016 was as much of a shithole as social media is making it out to be then we must embrace it and learn from it so we don’t repeat our mistakes from this year! I’m definitely not sticking up for 2016 because I understand it was hard for everyone in various aspects, but it’s time to move forward with a smile and a grain of salt.

All in all, I hope you didn’t put too much stock in the turn out of your New Years night/party, but rather put that hope into the year ahead. I’m really looking forward to 2017 and the change I know it will bring. There was a huge divide this year, but I have a lot of confidence that we can fix it someday. So here’s to out toast to 2017, grrlpunchers.


Artwork: Abigail Snow