Women of our past have shaped the way we view the world in the past and how we will continue to view it in the present and future. Women have marched for us, educated us, raised us, fought for us, and loved us- for that we owe them the continuation of great history. We, as women, can continue to do so by refusing the things we cannot stand and misbehaving in all the right ways.
We must riot. Keeping in mind our civil rights we must continue to break barriers. Take for example, the Women’s March- an event organized by women, for women, and in participation were women and those who love women. Women should make sure that our unalienable rights remain ours and ours only- not to be controlled by those in power.
We must educate. Let the man in charge know who we are and why we aren’t standing still. Why is birth control, STD/STI testing, and abortion important to us? It affects each of us differently and nobody can truly understand how personal these issues are unless they are a woman. Henceforth, women must be around to educate citizens everywhere about issues like healthcare and reproductive rights.
We must get involved. A more represented society is a safer and more welcoming society. Women joining the police force and the fire department, as well as becoming doctors and surgeons are groundbreaking elements in society as well as for womankind. The more we prove the stereotypical ways of society are no longer fitting, the more we can prove ourselves as better than that stereotype.
We must build. Being the foundation of other women, younger women, is the most important aspect of creating an enriching history. Older women to younger women, transcending generations with lessons and tales to tell is of ultimate use in building a great society of strong women. If my mother did not believe in me, and same for her mother, I would not be half the woman I am today. Acceptance and love play crucial roles in creating foundations of women to build upon for the future.
We must elevate. Along with building, there is no way to get there without elevation. Learning from mistakes, apologizing, moving on and doing so without dragging each other down. Coming out of the closet and getting a pat on the back instead of shunned away. Congratulating another woman on a promotion instead of being jealous or envious. Simply, elevation in all ways and avoiding girl-hate prove to be effective in making problem free girl world.
We must stand together. A combination of riots, education, building, elevating, and involvement will only work if we do them together. The next steps for women are known to be fighting for the close of the wage gap, becoming CEOs and ending the tampon tax. However, even further than that, there is an unwritten rule that we must continue to set forth positivity and love for the girls of the future.