Anyone who tells you that makeup is a mask is full of shit. Makeup isn’t my mask, makeup is my armor. I feel safer with my eyebrows filled in and my lashes painted with mascara. Why should that be a bad thing? If I’m wearing makeup, I don’t have to worry about feeling like I’m less than others because it gives me the confidence to not think about what others are thinking. Maybe it’s because society thinks that I should always look like I’m about to walk into a photo shoot, but if conforming to society in this little everyday thing makes me feel like I can conquer the world, then why shouldn’t I wear makeup?

Makeup is an art to me. The body is a blank canvas for any design you want to paint it with and there is no more beautiful canvas than the one you were born with: your face. I know a lot of people have a complicated relationship with their faces, but makeup, even when I’m using it to cover my “imperfections,” has encouraged me to love my appearance more than I ever could have otherwise. Looking at myself in the mirror for an average of about fifteen minutes a day making myself look the way I want to look has made me appreciate much more than the way I already look. The dark circles under my eyes from staying up way too late for years on end? Concealer can “fix” those in a hurry. The pimple on my chin that’s been there for what has to have been months now? Gone if I want it to be. But that’s the thing, I don’t have to cover anything if I don’t want to. My face, my choice. That’s why I think makeup is beautiful. I can look like anything or anyone I want to with just a little bit of foundation and eyeshadow, but I can also just look like me.

I know a lot of people don’t feel the way I do. I know a lot of people reading this are thinking “This is supposed to be a feminist website! This girl is telling me that I need to wear makeup to look pretty!” but makeup makes me feel like I can do anything, is there anything more feminist than that?