Hello GrrlPuncher’s! It’s finally March and we seem to be slowly inching more and more towards summer and a nice break. So, it’s fitting that March’s theme is Magic due to the magic of spring and rebirth! Around this time last year we came out with our first printed zine, “Rebirth”, and we can’t wait to continue to grow through this new year. Be sure to stay updated on what’s going on with GrrlPunch and all of our posts throughout this month! We’re so excited to have seen our family grow so much in the past few months of the new year and venture into posting twice a day.

The beginning of spring is an undeniably magical time of the year. Even, in March, when spring’s just beginning and every day seems to be dreary with rain. But I find a lot of comfort in these kinds of cloudy days because I feel like I’m my most productive self. I can stay in and work on things that are “due” or things that I’m passionate about without feeling bad about not actually going out and doing something. However, this can also be the time of the year where I get in a rut because it’s the time leading up to a bright, sunny summer, but we’re still not there yet. Nevertheless, the articles we’ll be posting throughout the month as anything but lacking just because I, personally, feel less creative at this time of the year. Ranging from articles on witches and hexes to black girl magic and the magic of recreating yourself, we have a lot to share.

But to keep this editor’s note going, I feel like March is a group effort kind of month because we’re all just trying to get through it and make it to the light at the end of the tunnel. So, I’m going to proceed to list some things I learned in February and some goals for March. You can take these or leave them. Maybe they’ll help you reflect on last month and set your own goals for this month if you’re in to that sort of thing. It’s never a bad idea to assess the ways to improve your happiness.

February Realizations (Kylie Jenner Style)

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a REAL thing and it sucks big time. In the dreary months, focus on what makes you happy to combat these cruddy feelings.

Broad City is the best show to grace television and rewatching episodes is just as fun as watching them for the first time when you need a laugh.

Get rid of people who find unhappiness in the tiniest things. People like this are just downers who are somewhat self-righteous because they think they have all the answers.. they don’t have all the answers.

Get up in time to eat because it honestly makes the day better.

Somedays you just can’t try your hardest and that’s okay.

Melatonin will help you, effectively, get back on your sleep schedule, but NyQuil will not.

To-Do List for March

Try making the morning as enjoyable as possible whether that’s eating a good breakfast or waking up and stretching in the morning to music.

Get ahead of your work because being ahead of the game will never bite you in the ass.

Stay informed.

Dress up when you want to dress up and dress down when you want as well because dressing for yourself and your happiness or comfort is so rewarding.

Here’s to a good month ahead and to great articles for the month of March! Stay magical, GrrlPunchers.

Much Love,


Artwork: Lily Bix-Daw