Uncertainty: noun – the state of being uncertain
Confusion: noun – lack of understanding; uncertainty

Sometimes I’m not quite sure what it is I’m doing or where it is I’m going. People tell me that it’s okay to be unsure, but I’ve been told by individuals who have their lives secured and established. What do they know about uncertainty? From my perspective, they haven’t been uncertain for decades. The choices that affect their futures have already been made; they’re living their futures, but I have yet to create mine.

What is it about being unsure of ourselves that makes us so scared? In movies, uncertainty is an empowering feeling, not something we should run from, because if every box isn’t checked either “yes” or “no,” we’ve failed somehow. Mulan sang an ENTIRE song about being unsure of who she was. “Reflections” is the Disney version of a teenage girl’s mid-life crisis diary entry. Despite the fact that Mulan is looking into a pond with half a face of makeup on for roughly three minutes, this ballad is one of the best songs in the movie. We love Mulan because she’s uncertain, but she still does a kick-butt job for an hour and a half while she figures out who she is. I, on the other hand, resort to crying, eating, sleeping *repeat* when I don’t know what to do. Do I also probe a group text of 10 individuals who’re in the same boat as I? You bet I do. Birds of a feather stick together, or something like that.

Truthfully, I wish we could all be as happy(ish) in our pools of uncertainty as Mulan is in hers. When Peter Pan taught us how to fly, his instructions were “think of the happiest things” because “it’s the same as having wings.” We can’t be happy and fly away because we’re hindered by the uncertainty we think we’re not supposed to have. I’m hardly ever right, but I do know that Disney can fix the majority of your problems, and when you think about it, all Disney characters are uncertain, if they weren’t, it wouldn’t be Disney. Do they all end up with happy endings because they’re uncertain? Maybe, maybe not. But at least they end the movie with a smile on their faces.