Rom-com: A stressed teenage girl meets the love of her life, coffee, but has a falling-out when her latte fails to wake her up enough for school. The couple reunites for exam week and lives happily ever after until the girl’s funds run too low to support her Starbucks habit. Aubrey Plaza is cast as the cute, sassy barista.

Horror: A teenage girl-next-door takes on a babysitting gig. All seems well until the small child turns into a horrific monster, tormenting the girl with incessant complaining and taunting her with piercing shrieks. She eventually goes insane and is not asked to babysit again. Steve Carrell is cast as the goofy dad.

French drama: A sad girl wears a striped shirt and is filled with ennui. What is life, what is existence? We live, we love, we are gone. Why study for the chemistry test? The bonds between atoms are meaningless, just like human connection. Directed by someone who studied Godard in film school.

Gay and Lesbian: A high school cheerleader falls in love with an older, confidently lesbian art student when returning her lost glove. The art student quits her job selling Totinosô, and the two girls become cowboys together on a mountain. One of them later dies. The movie poster is definitely a picture of two women almost kissing. Kristen Stewart is cast as the art student.