The Salem Witch Trials go down as one of the most upsetting times in American history. Located in Salem, Massachusetts, the treacherous trials went on for a few years. Although claiming to rid the town of dangerous witches, the only people they were really after were outcasts.

Outcasts being those who defied a Puritanical Society. Women especially were targeted based upon what was considered to be promiscuous behavior. The ultimate fear was the independent woman. Single women, who either had a child or simply lived alone, were criticized and commonly accused. It is not because they were truly doing anything wrong, but simply because they were different than what was considered normal.

When reflecting upon how far we have come as a society since this time I am quite thankful. But this does not mean the fight is over. The thought of a woman being at the same level as men still intimidates many. Many people fear the advancement of society because they do not want to upset the comfort and structure they believe to be present. For women, society is not comfortable; it is in desperate need of advancement. It is only until society escapes a male dominated culture that women will truly be free.