I first encountered Glossier while scrolling through Facebook. The ad for their Generation G lipstick intrigued me. After all, I’m always on the hunt for simple, light-weight lipsticks. Glossier seemed to be my answer.

Upon further investigation I saw they not only sell lipsticks, but makeup, skin care and merchandise. This company seemed too good to be true. So, before I ordered something crazy off the internet I decided to consult my makeup guru best friend, Lucy Hargrove. Before I could even get “Glossier” out of my mouth she went into a frenzy. Apparently this company was the solution to all of her skin related issues, and since we have very similar skin types, I decided I had to order everything this website had to offer.

Lucky for me, and my wallet, Glossier offers two different starter kits, or phases, at a slightly discounted rate. The first one is for your skin, and it contains their Milky Jelly Cleanser, a priming moisturizer, Balm Dotcom, and Perfecting Skin Tint. The second introduces you to their makeup essentials: lip, concealer, and brow.

I was struck immediately by the kits’ versatility and customization. I was given the option to select custom shades and colors which I appreciated. I added Phases 1 and 2 to my bag and decided to splurge on the skin care serum Super Pure. The checkout process was simple and contained an estimated delivery date. 

As I waited for my package, I was sent updates via Facebook Messenger. I appreciated the company’s up-to-date shipment information. However, I will say that the package took a little longer than expected. I wouldn’t recommend ordering from them if you’re in a pinch, unless you’re willing to shell out more for next-day shipping.

On delivery day, I was notified via Messenger, and I rushed home to open my new products. As I ripped through the boxes I was genuinely impressed by the packaging, extra goodies and the overall aesthetic of the boxes.

Each phase was boxed separately and contained fun merchandise. My Phase 1 came with its own poster, sticker sheet and pink makeup bag. Phase 2 included a Glossier tote bag and an additional makeup bag.

I fell more in love as I opened each individual box. However, I was slightly disappointed to find that my Boy Brow cartridge was completely empty (don’t worry I contacted customer service). But, this did not stop me from experimenting with my other new products. First, I decided to put my new cleanser to the test.

After reading the Milky Jelly Cleanser’s instructions, I applied the serum to my dry skin and popped in the shower to cleanse. The jelly left my skin clean and refreshed. This time of year I have troublesome skin. The lingering cold leaves me feeling dry, but the sporadic hot days keeps my face pretty oily as well. Somehow the cleanser managed to combat both of these issues after several days.

After drying my hair I decided to apply the rest of my new goodies. Per the instructions, I started with the serum to fight my acne-riddled skin. Then I moved onto the priming moisturizer. Once I had rubbed in the product upwards and out, I began applying my skin tint.

I always hate thick, pigmented makeups. They make my pores feel clogged and gunky, but this skin tint was surprisingly breathable.

Next, I applied a little bit of stretch concealer to cover up some of my blemishes. The concealer did its job, but I did notice the shade was quite different from the tint’s. Overall, I was impressed by both the skin care and makeup.

I repeated this skin care routine before bed, and I woke up the next day with surprisingly stable skin. My skin is pretty sensitive and typically breaks out when exposed to new cleansers, but Glossier seemed to work well with my face. It cleared up my remaining pimples and gave me a refreshed look. After using the jelly cleanser, I applied my skin tint and stretch concealer to see if it would last a full day of classes.

After five hours of class, I returned home to see that some of the stretch concealer rubbed off of my skin, but for the most part it remained on. Overall, it passed my day one test. However, I will say that if you are someone looking for full-coverage, Glossier may not be your solution.

After one week my skin was still relatively stable. Glossier’s moisturizer completely cured all of my dry, flaky skin. However, I did have several small breakouts on my forehead. But, considering where I was on my cycle, this was not too surprising. In fact, I was impressed that I had not broken out more.

Overall, my skin was not perfect, but it was noticeably better than it was a week before. I felt more comfortable wearing less makeup, and I experienced improved skin.

As far as actual make-up goes, I was a little frustrated with the concealer’s coverage throughout the week. I had one noticeable breakout in the middle of my forehead and the concealer + tinting moisturizer did not provide enough coverage, in my opinion. But, I hope that over time Glossier’s skin care will continue to improve my skin until I eventually require less product/coverage.

Ultimately, it was a success for me, but it did have its issues. If you’re looking for full-coverage, you may want to look elsewhere. I’ve always hated having a lot of product on my face, even if I’m breaking out, so Glossier is ideal for me.

If you’re like me then I would definitely recommend purchasing both Phase 1 and Phase 2. However, if you are looking for just a skin care routine and no actual make-up, I would recommend purchasing only Phase 1.

Regardless of their makeup coverage, I was impressed by their skin products. I followed their recommended routine religiously, and I abandoned all other cleaners and skin medications during this week. As I’ve mentioned before, my skin lost all of its dryness and my acne was manageable. I did have a couple of breakouts, but they seemed to resolve themselves faster than before. Consequently, I was pleased with Glossier and will continue using their product.

Let us know about your experiences with Glossier. I know everyone has different skin types and expectations. We would love to hear from you!