There are many aspects of 90s and early 2000s culture that we as a society have held on to for dear life, but the most iconic developments of the era take root in the movie industry. Despite one’s effort to mask it, it is nearly impossible to not occasionally indulge in watching one of the many classic films of this time. Based on this evident draw to popular movies of this time, I cannot help but question the source of this allure.

Once reflecting upon this question and binge watching a myriad of these movies, I found a common link. There is a basic formula upon which the most popular flicks of this time are based. When I think of the staple movies of this era, Clueless and Mean Girls immediately come to mind. In comparing these films, it was not difficult to discover just how similar they are. Both set in a high school, the plots are centered around the natural struggle and strive for popularity. Given that the fundamental aspects of these films are one’s appearance, boy problems, big parties, and of course cliques, it is evident that these movies were purposefully created to be relatable to teenagers. These movies promote the stereotypical and materialistic aspects of being a teenager, causing viewers to focus on the “importance” of popularity.

Our society is surrounded by the appeal and the necessity to fit in and be normal, and these movies are just one example of this desperate desire. Although most enjoy watching these movies, myself included, it is important to not apply them to your own teenage experience. If one constantly strives to fit in and live through this unrealistic lens of society, he or she will prohibit oneself from sharing every unique, interesting, and real thing about them with the world. I encourage everyone to hold on to all of the wonderfully weird parts of one’s personality because if you’re not weird, you’re normal, and “normal” is honestly just a synonym for boring.

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