A few weeks ago my friend and I were talking about the state of her hair. She expressed to me that she wanted to spice things up a bit. I 100% agreed with her; after all, doing something new to your hair can be a very necessary, rebellious act. I am a firm believer in mixing things up as a way of picking yourself up out of a rut. As we were chatting, I brought up changing the part of her hair to maybe add to it a little bit. When I brought up this subject, somehow we conversationally landed on my hair part, and she swiftly stated that I basically had a middle part. I was completely taken aback, did I, Lucy Hargrove, have a butt-cut? “Why not just pull the knife right out my back right now to just add to the pain while you’re at it,” I thought in my head.

Normally, I would never negatively question this minor detail of my overall mess of hair atop my head, but it was the way she said it as almost a bad thing that made me overthink it. A few days later I had completely forgotten about the conversation and the comment. However, I got out of bed really late at night to use the restroom and when looking up into the mirror as I washed my hands, I noticed that in my tossing and turning my hair had, in fact, parted itself right down the middle. After looking at myself for quite sometime I loved it and decided to keep it for however long I wanted to.

Am I just out of the loop or did the middle part suddenly become a faux pa? Looking back, they were all the rage in the 70s, a time when fashion was diverse and interesting. For God’s sake, Gloria Steinem ROCKED a damn middle part and if she could, so can I. Point being, take a comb and split those beautiful locks right down the middle because who cares if you’re stuck in the 70s? Honestly, I’d rather be there than here right now. I will learn to love being stuck in the middle, and you should too!

Much Love Always,