Although I try my best to live in the moment, I cannot help but think about my future every now and then. And no, it is not my college years, my twenties, or my thirties or even my forties that I fear but instead it is the years in which I have the potential of losing my familiar, reliable grasp and outlook on life. There are activities both intellectual and physical in which I someday will not be able to partake and the thought of having certain restrictions placed on my everyday endeavors makes me feel anxious and not in control of myself as an individual. My fear of growing old is rooted in my fear of losing my independence. I do not want to live a life that consists of people having to take care of me and oversee my actions.

Although growing old is something that I fear greatly, the thought of death itself does not alarm me. Once truly contemplating this matter, I uncovered that the only true motivating factor in life is death. Life is so incredible because of how fragile and short it is; therefore, not only does the thought of death not frighten me but it reminds me to experience life as much as possible. It pushes me to challenge myself and embrace everything that I fear. Greeting the concept of death with anxiety and fear will only hold one back from experiencing life to its fullest potential. In order to live a full life, it is inevitable that one must die and the sooner one can accept that, the sooner one can truly live.

  • Kiki