This may seem like a stretch to some or not at all to others, just hear me out. As a woman, I am not ashamed to say that I am self-conscious and not as confident as I would like to be- it’s just a fact. It’s not necessarily your fault if you feel the same way, we really are a product of our society and sometimes our society is really screwy. So, I ask you, do you have one woman or individual who identifies as a woman that really gets under your skin? Not in the way that they annoy you, but in the way that their life seems better, that they’re smarter, prettier, funnier… the list goes on and on. You hate them, but you really don’t because let’s face it- you really don’t have a reason to hate them! They could be a perfectly kind human being towards you and yet you hate them for that as well!

I think we all have someone like this, a lady kryptonite. She’s the person or people (yes you can have more than one) that make your gut do backflips when you seem their social media presence or see them out with their friends. I’m here to tell you that I have my own and the grrl to your right probably does too. Unless you could walk down a New York Fashion Week runway in a garbage bag in front of the love of your life and Anna Wintour without feeling a little queasy, you probably do too.

But, like the saying goes, the grass is always greener. Your lady kryptonite probably has now or two of her own and the never-ending cycle goes on and on. So, I challenge you to look up to your lady kryptonite in a healthy way instead of being jealous. Because although jealousy isn’t the end of the world, it never makes you feel good about yourself and you deserve to do so.

Although you may not believe me, you’re most likely someone’s lady kryptonite, own it.