In light of BTS, a seven member boy group under Big Hit entertainment, confirming their attendance to the Billboard Music Awards and for being nominated for and winning the Top Social Artist, this entire article goes out to my one and only true love, my source of happiness: Kpop.

I am an Army, which is a person who is within BTS’s fandom, and a proud one at that. Stanning BTS, a group with crazy talent is not the hardest task in the world… until I try to understand what they are saying. For those of you who don’t know, Kpop stands for Korean Pop, a genre of Korean music famous for its catchy tunes, flawless idols, and perfect dance moves. However, like the name states, everything these idols do is in, you guessed it, Korean.

For my friends who don’t listen to kpop, they don’t understand how even though they aren’t speaking my language, I can still relate to them. They are famous world wide, selling out all of their US stages on their world tour, however they remain humble, polite, and down to earth.

The magic of Kpop is that after a while, the language barrier deteriorates. Not because you can suddenly understand Korean, but that you are able to relate to the universal lyrics they place in their songs. The lyrics BTS creates are meant for people all over the world, because at some point, we were or still are in our youth.

Kpop and BTS in particular has taught me to value all aspects of one’s youth. You shouldn’t cancel out the bad and keep the good, and you should cancel out the good and only think about the bad. Youth is all encompassing of those great and not so great moments and that’s what makes it so special.

BTS is from a very small company, one of which that was somewhat of an underdog. The music industry is South Korea is extremely different from Americas. The people who end up become idols in their specific groups start training at company’s at ages as young as thirteen and some won’t even make their debut in a group until they are in their twenties. They have rigorous work schedules til 3 AM in the morning and will have to wake up again at 5 AM for another full day. They train and train and train until they know for sure they can give their fandom the best performance ever. The larger companies have the majority of the well known names in Kpop like Girl’s Generation, EXO, and Big Bang. However, Big Hit was a small company that no one had really ever heard of before BTS. In all honesty, small companies have a very small chance of reaching the same level of exposure as the well known ones. However, BTS completely blew this idea of out the ballpark and has reached a global fame that other kpop groups can only hope for.

As a person who had way too much homework to handle, BTS was a fun way for me to let loose and actually feel like I had a life outside of school. The group’s silly antics were a great way for me to unwind and made me happy when I was overwhelmed. I think its important to have that one thing that you love in your life, that, no matter how you are feeling, can put a smile on your face. Even if other people think that its stupid, do it for you if you need to. Everyone deserves that little nook to recede to when you feel like you can’t turn anywhere else.

So all hail the kings of Kpop! BTS is sure to go down in the history books, and I sure as hell am going down with them.