They may not be an all girl band, but they are a band of feminists, unafraid to stand up for what’s right. The Regrettes are an LA based punk band with flare and pizzaz, who serve their community with fashion aesthetics and songs with meaning. Recently, the band has been in the spotlight with the release of their music video for the song “Seashore,” which stands as a middle finger to Donald Trump and other men who like to belittle women. The video pays homage to the women, who weren’t afraid to stand up for their beliefs. This inspired me to interview the band of young adults, who show no fear in making a statement. Here is my interview with The Regrettes:

1. What are your names, ages, and zodiac signs?

Lydia –  I’m Lydia. I’m 16 and a libra.

Sage – My name is Sage, and I’m a Virgo with a Libra moon and Aries rising.

Maxx – I’m Maxx. I’m 18, and I’m a scorpio.

Genessa – Genessa Gariano, 20 years, Pisces.


2. Who is the coolest member of the band?

Lydia – No shit, it’s me.

Sage – … ME!

Maxx – Me, Maxx.

Genessa – The coolest members of our band are the ones most often forgotten… our instruments!


3. What is your favorite band?

Lydia – Hmmm…probably Big Star.

Sage – That’s a tough question. Queen is my favorite BAND, where as Prince is my favorite ARTIST.

Maxx – FOALS

Genessa – Right now, it’s Saint Paul and The Broken Bones. Everyone should go watch his NPR Tiny Desk. He stands on the F’ing desk, and it’s beautiful.


4. Where is your favorite place to play?

Lydia – LA maybe or SF because both have amazing crowds, usually.

Sage – I love the games at the Renaissance Faire…unless you mean play music? Anywhere with a fun crowd, really. LOVE The Echo in LA.

Maxx – The Chapel in San Francisco.

Genessa – Bottom of The Hill in San Francisco and Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara are always wayyy too much fun.


5. How did you guys meet?

Lydia – In music school awhile back.

Sage – At a music school. We all hung out in the same crowds, became friends, lost touch for a year or two, and then became family.

Maxx – At a music school when we were young lads.

Genessa – We went to music school together.


6. Have you ever been swarmed by fans before?

Lydia – Haha no, not swarmed.

Sage – That sounds more like something that would happen to a boy band, like with teen boys and girls DYING to touch their favorite pretty boy, but after our shows we encourage the “fans” to come say hi, take a picture, and hopefully buy some merch.

Maxx – All the time.

Genessa – Ha, I guess. After shows, people tend to gravitate towards the march booth, so sometimes it does feel a bit like a swarm.


7. What is your favorite Regrettes song?

Lydia – “Lacy Loo” right now for sure.

Sage – I go through phases, loving each song, but I’m really in love with “Seashore” right now. It makes me feel strong when I’m down and pushed around.

Maxx – “Hot”

Genessa – “Lacy Loo” and “Pale Skin”


8. Do you have a favorite musical?

Lydia – Wicked or Hairspray.

Sage – ALL TIME FAVORITE HANDS DOWN (it’s a lot of people’s fave) Phantom of the Opera. I could sing every song, front to back, every harmony and all. Plus the story is romantic and dark and teaches you about yourself.

Maxx – Mama Mia.

Genessa – Jesus Christ Superstar or The Who’s Tommy. Never got too into musicals.  


9. If you weren’t in the band, what would you be doing with your time?

Lydia – I would be a chef.

Sage – Probably a dog groomer, or I’d have my own line of lingerie or skincare. Definitely something I will do in the future, so look out world!

Maxx – Breeding chickens.

Genessa – I would be studying some sort of science or working at a non-profit and would be a freelance artist on the side, while still writing/recording music. Aside from school, I do these things now. I would just be doing them more.


10. If you could spend a day as one of your bandmates, who would it be?

Lydia – Maybe Maxx because he’s a dude and that would be wild.

Sage – That’s a tough question, as well, because I value other people’s perspectives but would never choose to be in someone else’s shoes. I think it’s important to realize that everyone goes through something tough and no one’s life is perfect, so learn to appreciate what you have and make the best of it. Live YOUR LIFE to the fullest and enjoy the company of loved ones on your journey.

Maxx – Myself.

Genessa – Maxx. Mainly because I’d love to be a dude for a day.


11. Can the fans expect another album soon?

Lydia – Not soon, but we may release a few cool things in the next few months

Sage – Not soon but in the future OF COURSE.

Maxx – Not soon, but we definitely won’t be one and done.

Genessa – We all can’t wait to make the second record, but it won’t be for awhile.

For now, you can check out The Regrettes on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify!