It’s amazing to me how quickly 2017 has flown by. Happy June, GrrlPunchers and welcome to our new theme: Shrine!

I’ve been looking forward to this theme since the beginning of the year because it’s so unexpected. When some hear the word shrine, the mind will quickly shift to a religious shrine and those sorts of holy places, or maybe the photographs and candles you kept by your bed of your high school crush. Either way, a shrine is a very special place, and when I think of a shrine I instantly think of my bedroom.

I’ve always been fascinated by bedrooms in that they tell so much about a story through objects and placings of those objects. What exactly is next to your bed or on your bookshelves or pasted to your walls, and what color are they? For me, my room could resemble that of a restrained hoarder- that’s the only way I know how to describe it. With posters, pictures, and postcards covering my walls one could easily know what music, art, and cities I’m drawn to. With my numerous candles for luck, voodoo trinkets, and “special” stones strewn across my bedside table, it’s not a surprise that I’m somewhat superstitious. And with crates of records, books, and notebooks creating more clutter than they’re worth, I obviously prefer a bit of disorder. But, I created this small room to be so much bigger for me to run to after hard days or to dance to my favorite albums on the good days.

While my bedroom is my shrine, a shrine can be so much more than just a bedroom. With that being said, throughout this month our writers and artists will dive deep into what is personal and special to each of us. With articles covering why one of our authors, Sidney, feels that bodies should be treated like a temple and Mikayla reflecting on her schooling experience on the past four years, we hope you get to know us a little more this month as we hope to get to know you. So, as we embark on this very special theme, try to think of what exactly is special to you throughout this month and why. Would you place it near your bed or paste it on your walls?

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