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How To Fit In

written by | art by Isabella Townsend

Published on Jun 17, 2017


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There’s a common misconception that groups of girls or women can’t get together without catty behavior and femininity getting in the way of the fun. In my experience, I’ve found that that isn’t true. Two friends and I took a two-night camping trip (camping, not glamping) to Lake Ouachita, Arkansas and we had an amazing time; here’s why you will too!

  1. You’ll Have A Great Time Getting To Know Yourself

If you like the idea of not having the ability to use your phone or social media… you might just be the person to enjoy a nice camping trip. My friends and I had a ball finding ways to entertain ourselves that weren’t on our devices.

  1. It Will Test Your Limits

The trip itself will prove to be difficult depending on how you travel. Only one of the people we went with had a license so she had to drive. Lucky for us it was only 3 hours but there are definitely other ways that our limits were tested. When you’re there, try to find things outside of your comfort zone to do. If you’re not much of a hiker, try a hike! If you’re not too fond of lakes or boats, see what the options are and explore them with your friends. It’ll be tiring and gruesome but by the end of it, you’ll be celebrating.

  1. We Don’t Appreciate Nature Enough

We’ve heard it all before ladies—we just aren’t made out for the outdoors. When you’ve been hearing that for all your life it begins to manifest inside you. Don’t let these harsh stereotypes ruin a good thing! Being outside and feeling one-with-nature is definitely all it’s cracked up to be. Even if you’re the girl who sits in her hammock and reads… just take some time to look up.

  1. You’ll Get To Know Your Friends Even Better

Nothing says bonding like pitching a tent together, helping each other through a 4-mile hike, taking selfies on the sand, and trying to build a fire to cook oatmeal. No, seriously. You’ll have to work with and alongside the girls you go with; especially if you’re not a camping expert. Not only is this a nice way to bring friends closer but it also makes for good practice. You’re not going to be a champ at everything but you darn sure will appreciate that fire—even if you didn’t build it.

  1. It’s Fun

No matter what goes down on the trip, it will be fun. Whether it’s getting scared by park rangers or crying by the campfire about the future; you will enjoy the experience. These stories will go with you when you’re old and grey and reminiscing about past friendships and adventures. No one should miss out on that!

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