There is no room for imperfections in today’s world. Women in particular feel that we need to be strong yet gentle, hard working but domestic, a yoga, sport, art, and academic (to name a few) expert in addition to a personal and professional life. While many people would agree that too many things are demanded of us by society, the general consensus remains that what you continue to do should be done perfectly.

And it shouldn’t be.

Your passion should not be perfected. Once you see perfection as attainable you enter into a miserable downward spiral because it’s impossible and you constantly feel like a failure. The next logical thought is that in your chosen field – art, sports, business – that you have to be the best.

And you shouldn’t be.

Assigning your value to a task will again lead to a miserable downward spiral. You have to find worth outside of the thing you’re known for. So today, try some ways to fail so that you can be happier with yourself.

Leave work/practice/school early

Purposely do not quite your best at a task to understand that the world doesn’t end if you aren’t number one

Let someone else have an opportunity that you would have liked to have used to prove you were better

Evaluate how you do want to define your worth. Is it in your loved one’s opinions, religion, or what? Just separate the idea of perfection with self-worth.