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Local College Student “Very Happy” for — NOT Jealous of Best Friend

written by | art by Lauren Ledger

Published on Jun 15, 2017


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“No, really, I’m happy for her,” local college student, Allison Mitchell, states when asked about her best friend’s weight loss. “I mean, she beat the freshman fifteen! And even then, Sammy managed to lose weight at school. That’s impressive.”

Allison returned home after a long first year at her university full of late night cheese fries and anxiety-induced handfuls of M&Ms. She gained 10 pounds.

“And, like, I love my body, you know. I’m very body positive. I think everyone should love themselves. I just think it’s funny how she managed to lose weight and get a boyfriend and make Dean’s List. I’m happy for her,” she says through gritted teeth, “Really, very happy.”

When asked about her own relationship status, the 19-year-old forces a laugh, “Oh, I’m just super independent nowadays. I love it. I love being by myself — it’s so rewarding. And like sometimes when I’m watching Sex and the City in my dorm room I’m like sure, I’d love to have a Mr. Big or whatever, but then I think about my intense fear of intimacy and figure it’s best that I live vicariously through cliché romantic comedies.”

She quickly adds, “I’m also way too busy with school to even think about guys. I mean there’s like one that I hang out with until 3am a couple nights a week but he’s like a brother to me.” Allison is referring to her hallmate, Jonathan Long, a political science major with a girlfriend of three years.

“And yeah, I didn’t make Dean’s List, but my school is super hard. Not that Sammy’s isn’t, but you know, it’s a totally different atmosphere.” Her eye twitches, “I’m so proud of her.”

Allison’s summer plans consist of losing the weight she gained this year by using her mother’s emergency credit card to buy $10 smoothie bowls and posting pictures of them on her Snapchat story.


Christina McBride


Christina McBride

About the author

Christina is a writer for Grrlpunch. She's currently in the unhealable wound stage of the heroine's quest

Lauren Ledger

About the Artist

Lauren Ledger spends most of her time pretending to be people she is not at local playhouses. Her subconscious favorite colors are red, orange, and yellow and she will not drink a hot drink...even if it is cold out.



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