Responding to really long or intense text messages with “👍”

You, my friend, would much rather talk about how you liked that new restaurant down the street or perhaps, at most, discuss some potential allegories in that movie you just saw. You tend to want to stay on the lighter side of conversational subjects, and that isn’t to say the happier side because you can definitely go there. You’d just rather get your drama intake from the TV shows you watch and not from your peers’ actual lives. This has been working pretty well thus far for you; people usually don’t come to you with their heart’s heaviest concerns, but I fear this may create a void in your social life that’ll come back to bite you later. You’ve probably always been seen as the “funny” or “sarcastic” one, and this may or may not fly with you. Just don’t be afraid to pursue some deeper relationships, grrl. You got this!


Cutting/dying/styling one’s hair far more than can be healthy, both physically and emotionally

You and me both. You’re balanced in this gray area between being both afraid of commitment and desiring commitment so much that it actually ends up tearing up some of your relationships, huh? Me too. I’ve dealt with this one for a really long time, but I’ve discovered that, to quote my 8th grade diary, “life sucks, but life’s always gonna suck, and I’m always gonna be tired, and there’s always gonna be something else to do, but if you just let yourself organically connect with people and let every move you make lead you towards some kind of peace, you’re good to go!” So basically, just chill (and I say this in the least condescending tone possible). You’ll find your tribe, you’ll glow up soon, and life will treat you well. Hang in there!


Impulsively and uncontrollably correcting people’s grammar. In other words, you really just can’t let inaccuracies, tiny and harmless as they may be, go.

This bad habit probably stems from a sort of intellectual insecurity you were exposed to as a kid/teen. DISCLAIMER: Yes, I do realize how therapist-y that sentence sounded, but heaven knows I am highly unqualified to be dishing out any sort of real life advice, so take anything I say with a grain of salt. Anyway, whether it’s a sibling that you always thought was smarter than you or a friend group who always stressed good grades as being an important part of their lives, you’ve developed a sort of defense mechanism in being the “argumentative one.” You want people to know you’re actually really capable (and you totally are, believe me!!), but consider this – your true friends won’t give a flying flip. Find them, and you’ll feel an immense weight lifted from your shoulders. I swear it’ll be sooooo relieving to not always have to be proving yourself to others. March on, you talented grrl, you!