I don’t want to sound cliché, but there will be situations in your life that you’re not going to know how to approach.  It happens to me a lot. And you wouldn’t expect it from a quiet introvert like me, but in some of those situations, I just force myself into them. People say to not go too far out of your comfort zone, and while that’s definitely still true sometimes, sometimes you just have to force yourself into uncomfortable situations. For the past two weeks, I’ve been at a summer program in a college. As a person who has literally NEVER been to a summer camp in her life, the whole idea of leaving home and everyone I know behind to make completely new friends was foreign to me. The minute my parents left me alone in my dorm room, all I wanted to do was sit in my bed and watch Youtube videos. I figured that I couldn’t actually live like that for the next two weeks, so I forced myself to get out of my room. I forced myself to go to the “ice cream social” (which, by the way, was very separated into guys and girls. Is that normal?). I forced myself to go to the activities fair. Imagine a random girl walking alone into the activities fair, desperately looking for other people who were alone. That was me. So I literally walked up to some random group of girls, basically said, “HI BE MY FRIENDS,” spat lemonade all over them, and then, BAM, we were friends. (This is not a lie. I did actually spit lemonade all over them, and somehow they still wanted to be my friend, so point 1 for Nina). Despite not signing up for any activities, I went into an uncomfortable situation, forced myself in, and made it comfortable. The next day, one of those friends invited me to lunch with her friends from class. I went even though I had no idea what I was doing because I was determined to make friends. (Because let’s face it, do the grades of a summer class that don’t go on your transcript really matter? No, they do not). And despite not even knowing half of their names (I literally called two of them Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 because they were from Puerto Rico), I’m glad that I put myself in that uncomfortable situation. The point is this: you’re going to have to force yourself into things. Half the time, you won’t know what you’re doing, but you’re going to make those situations your own. If I can turn those uncomfortable first meetings into a group chat called PHedJieT ThpEEenIER, everyone can.