If you have a Youtube channel or are thinking about creating one with the intention of vlogging, there is one thing that almost all vloggers have to go through: getting over the fear of vlogging in public. To be completely honest, I have not truly mastered the mentality of not caring; its really hard sometimes. People stare. Some people stare for a really long time. Some people even dare to stare and talk about you at the same time. It can be awkward talking to a camera in front of people, and even when I try not to care, I just care too much. So, I’ve developed two ways to ease into vlogging in public that are slowly helping me overcome this fear and might help you too.

For me, two things help me: being surrounded by people I’m comfortable vlogging around and not turning my camera around to talk to it but just recording everything else around me.

For my first stress reliever in this situation, having my friends around me makes me care less about other people’s opinions. If we are all being silly together, then whipping out my camera does not feel strange at all. Plus, I have friends who could not care less about other people’s opinions of them and who want to be in my videos, so it makes me happy knowing they want to engage in the process with me. If you are nervous about vlogging alone, find some friends who don’t mind featuring in your content and shoot with them around. Even if people stare, your friends’ “couldn’t care less” attitude will rub off on you.

My second method for overcoming my fear is the one I am still using. Instead of talking to the camera a lot when I’m out and about, I just record the things around me. Of course I still get looks, depending on where I am, but definitely less than if I was narrating everything I was doing. I don’t always want to be the star of my videos. Sometimes I just want to broadcast the beauty I see in the world through my lens. Since I have this mentality, I don’t feel like my videos are lacking if I don’t make an appearance.

These two simple tips may or may not be helpful, but I hope you were able to get a glimpse of how I am trying to overcome this dilemma. Vlogging is definitely what you make of it, and you don’t have to do it like everyone else does. That’s the power of Youtube. You have this amazing platform to broadcast whatever you want for people all over the world, so don’t feel limited to do something a certain way just because you saw other people doing it. Before I really got into Youtube, I thought all you did in a vlog was travel around and endlessly talk to the camera. I’ve come to learn that it can be whatever you want it to be. You can put your own spin on it to make yourself more comfortable wherever you go.

So do you, boo, and happy vlogging!