I have encountered numerous people throughout my life that have tried to make me feel bad about myself. I just want to emphasize one thing before I continue with this-I am by no means pitying myself by saying that i have encountered destructive people because we obviously all have.

Throughout life, we are all faced with obstacles and blockades that attempt to keep us from continuing down our own paths.

A person’s character can be discovered based on how they react to the challenges they face. If I decided to give up and give into those who attempt to break me down, there is no way I would have made it this far. I have witnessed too many people who once faced with a challenge completely alter their attitude and lose so much of their individual traits. The worst way to deal with one’s problems is to pity oneself. Although it is not okay to simply give up, it is okay to be upset and do what one must to be at peace with oneself.

It is important to always be ready to tackle a new issue even if it an inconvenient time. Problems tend to travel in groups and the longer one puts them off, the wider those problems tend to spread.