Happy July, GrrlPunchers. We’re inching closer and closer to finally having 2017 over with, but why not enjoy the summer? After careful deliberation (or me sitting in bed at two in the morning feverishly catching up on work for the magazine) I decided “crush” was the best theme for July of 2017.

You hear the word crush and are immediately transported back to middle school where you and all your friends gawked over the same guy with the same swishy hair who was on some sort of sports team. However, growing up definitely changes one’s definition of a crush as well as the experience of “crushing” on someone. Likes, dislikes, feelings, and preferences all changes as you age and understand more about those around you. On the other hand…they don’t. Take it from me, I’ve had a crush on the same guy for about four years now.

But romance and crushes are so much more than liking someone’s hair or laugh now that I’m in college and trying to make huge decisions that may or may not alter the course of my life. I tend to harness my hopes on one person like the song by Pavement. And it’s terrible!!!! I always end up getting hurt in the end. This character flaw applies to even more than just a romantic relationship, but friendships too. I love hard- too hard and my crushes end up crushing me. But that’s the entire point of the theme of the month- understanding each of our writer’s different relationships with what a “crush” is to them. Because you and I both know that if GrrlPunch didn’t try to offer some sage advice about relationships, crushes, and luvvvv you would get sucked into a Buzzfeed internet hole of online quizzes promising to tell you what you’re doing right and wrong and why your boo acts the way they do based on their zodiac sign. So, you’re welcome. Here’s a checklist for the month…

1. wear sunscreen

2. make a great playlist that makes you feel good or just follow our July playlist on Spotify

3. tell your parents or parent figures that you love them

4. spend a lot of time with friends who care about you

5. read for yourself and not for school

6. invest in a great tube top because apparently the 90s are back

7. follow funny Twitter accounts to ensure you are laughing 24/7

8. go to the damn park

9. understand that you’re doing great or the best you can even if it feels like you’re not

10. email us if you ever need anything like advice from dear gina or a shoulder to virtually cry on

You’re going to kill it this summer.

Much Love,