Typically, when I’m mega-pissed about something, I slam myself onto my mattress and squeeze a pillow until my fingers hurt. That’s just the way I’m able to get it all out there, and I think it’s kind of okay to be a little rough when you’re trying to get over something you’ve pent up for sometimes a couple hours, even days. I remember one time recently, I held in so many tears on the bus ride home from school that when I walked into my room I completely shredded a flyer and downed like a gallon of milk while aggressively nodding along to the Cars. It was great. I still felt like a loser, but the paper I essentially disintegrated helped me not accidentally lash out at my mom later that night.

With a little help from my friends (John, Paul, what’s up), I was able to put together a video that I hope satisfies at least a few people, otherwise I got applesauce and egg yolk and glitter all over my garage walls for I guess nothing. It’s a lot of crushing. This made me feel like a total winner, so maybe it’ll help some others feel like total winners, too.

Thanks to Isabel, Morgan, Shae, Annah, Hannah, Ishmael, Ariana, and Jonathan for smashing stuff in my humid garage while basically a hurricane passed through the metro-Atlanta suburbs. Thanks Alex for having a good camera and using it, and thanks Mellow Tonin for the absolutely solid song (which you can find on Bandcamp, woah!). Also thanks Mom for hiding the green paint on the door from Dad until we could wipe it up. Thanks a lot.