I love being single. I thrive on being single, yet I always find myself in search of a new relationship, interestingly enough. High school is quite possibly the most prevalent time, other than college, for being on the hunt for relationships. That’s okay! Even if you have several boyfriends throughout your time in school, dating around is a perfectly acceptable experience. Of course, it is extremely rare that you will find “the one” on the first try. Through my own experiences, and the ones of those around me, I have decided to tackle the question of “What is the difference between love and infatuation?” How do you know?

Love is wanting to work through issues rather than abandoning or ignoring them. It is being honest and communicating your feelings with one another, even if it is difficult to do so; trusting them to go out with friends without feeling like you need to worry that they will cheat; supporting them in the endeavors they are passionate about; wishing nothing more than to see and help them grow.

Infatuation, on the other hand, has its own little beauties. Infatuation leaves a smile on your face when you walk inside your house after a date. It is the goosebumps on your arms when you hold hands, the giddiness in your heart at the thought of that person, the never-ending daydreams. Infatuation is also based more on physical appearance of not only that person, but how you look in that relationship to other people.

The main reason many people get confused between love and infatuation is because media very commonly exploits idealized couples. Almost every relationship is based on the strong, immediate physical attraction of the relationship, but many call it love. These televised relationships bank on perfection and, thus, warp ideas of what it truly means to love another person.

Disclaimer: I would like to state that both of these feelings are perfectly okay!!! Most relationships do begin with temporary infatuation, but only some develop into a more long-standing love. That does not mean that infatuation is inherently bad!!! These feelings are different, and you must decide for yourself what it is you would like out of a relationship. Without a doubt, the BEST is when you can find the person that makes you believe in both at once. So, when you enter a new relationship, don’t worry if it is just infatuation or true love; it is too soon to tell. Give it time because, if that person is truly “the one,” then there is no reason to rush “I love you’s” because they will be there for the long haul. <3

Love and Light,
Jordan Cardell