This past school year, when I was given the daunting task of delivering a senior speech to 500 girls ranging from the ages 9 to 19, my main goal (other than keeping myself from projectile vomiting) was to make it relatable yet influential in some sort of way. While I was only given a mere five minutes to speak, I delved into the topic of being a woman in today’s society and how we are told on a daily basis that we are simply not enough. I ended with the reassuring “you are enough, no matter what,” but I did not have the chance—or time, rather—to expound upon how to combat the negativity hurled at us. Because of this, I have been restless for several months, but here I am, finding the solution to my seemingly ridiculous restlessness.

Basically, we live in a society, in which, regardless of what we do, say, or wear, we are still debased because of our gender. I mean for shit’s sake, we can’t even have a small statue on Wall Street without some men pissing themselves and creating a statue that literally pisses on us! So I pose the question: how can we be enough if we are answered with reactions like this? And I answer: it starts with yourself. You simply must learn how to care for and appreciate yourself in order for others to even have a scarce belief that you are indeed enough. This task may be harder for some, and for others this may be a simple task; but in practicing self appreciation and caring for yourself—creating a shrine of yourself—others may be able to see what you’re truly worth. And if that does not work, then at least one person will be aware of your self-worth, and that person is you.

Much love,