At the time this article was assigned, I was quite bitter about my last crush. The guy who I had on and off been crushing on had just been a complete asshole to me and knocked my self confidence down a few pegs. To set the scene, something had finally happened with a boy who I had on and off crushed on since the summer before, but immediately after he became super passive aggressive and stopped talking to me.

I was going to write this about how it feels to be rejected. The pain of not feeling like you’re good enough. At the same time this was going on, my entire friend group started talking, like very seriously discussing, college and our futures. We had just received our college counselors and we’re talking about if we had leadership positions in enough clubs or high enough test scores, and as someone who has run for countless positions and never won, the feeling of rejection and incompetence set in yet again.

Since these events occurred, I have gone out of my comfort zone of my rather dull brother school and met plenty of other boys who have more respect for me and girls and general than to ghost. I have realized that there are other things in life than college applications and that there is always next year to win a leadership position. What I have learned in the past couple of months is that you win some and you lose some, but the feeling of incompetence is as fleeting as happiness.

When bad things happen to you, this feeling arrives, but it is circumstantial. Practice something to make you feel confident in yourself and reminds you of your various talents. Everyone has something that they do well. This is where your confidence should come from.