When I wake up, the first thing on my mind is that peculiar train of thought that was abruptly interrupted by the glorious melodies of “marimba” flowing through my iPhone: the proper terminology for said train of thought being a dream. Although it is the first thing on my mind, whether or not the memory of my dream lasts longer than approximately half of a second is dependent upon the truth and importance of the message woven within.

We all have those dreams that are super forgettable and random and weird but I am pretty confident in my assumption that the majority of people have had a dream that has thrown them into the abyss of deep contemplation. It would make sense that one’s dream would consist of messages and ideas that are, at times, extremely relatable to one’s everyday life seeing as dreams are simply an exaggerated version of each person’s thoughts and feelings. In that, some of these thoughts from which one’s dreams are sprouted reside in the subconscious; these are the dreams that we hold onto. The reason these dreams stick with a person the most is because they provide a whisper of an idea about oneself that one has yet to discover. One may deny the correlation between this dream and one’s true feelings; if that denial overpowers the hints sprinkled throughout the dream, it is because an individual is not quite ready to face and accept that hidden truth. Maybe the deeper message within the dream is telling one to end a relationship or move away for fresh start or realize an aspect of oneself that needs improvement; the possible circumstances are endless.

So, I challenge anyone who connected in any way to the semi-organized ramblings of my mind to listen as your subconscious softly sings to you the suppressed truth that must be realized and the change that must occur once you are, yet again, interrupted by the sweet sounds of “marimba.”

many thanks n much love,