I’ve known this day would be coming for months now, but it is often times unbelievable when dreams come to fruition. But, truly, it is insane to transition so quickly from living with your parents and having a midnight curfew, as a sophomore in college I might add, to living alone…with two other people.

As much as I knew myself beforehand, I’ve noticed over these first few days that I’m getting to know myself all over again as I learn more about what it means to be “Lucy somewhat, kind of on her own”. As scary as it is, it is also the most excited I’ve been in months. However, being trapped here with no internet connection until further notice, my mind often wanders when trying to fall asleep in this new space. I mainly question what my next move will be. Most 90s, strong-female-lead movies usually entail a woman moving into her own space, ON HER OWN THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and then immediately starting a booming business despite her lack of a Y chromosome. But as much as I would love to be a 90s Diane Keaton…I’m just taking each day as it comes eating the same, cheap peanut butter and banana sandwich every afternoon to save up for a bookshelf.

But anyways… welcome to August, GrrlPunchers! *The month of DREAMS*
August is often times a month full of new beginnings with school years starting, fall jobs and internships, etc. So, take our advice and dream big this month.
Here’s a helpful to do list…

  1. 1. Kiss a baby or a dog to increase happiness and appreciation for life once a week!
    2. Make a good, but very secret playlist that you only listen to when you know you need it.
    3. Watch those movies you’ve been meaning to watch on a night with yourself or some of your close friends where you can enjoy it the way you like to enjoy movies.
    4. Open some windows and breathe maybe?
    5. Listen to some busy streets.
    6. Listen to some quiet streets.
    7. Cross off completed tasks as you go to feel REALLY GOOD about yourself.
    8. Tell your friends you love them more.
    9. Eat some fruit if you’re not allergic and put up your dishes.
    10. Dance to your favorite band in the privacy of your room or at a concert where you can let go.

Have a good August and let your dreams run wild!

Much Love Always,