I’m 17, and people are asking me what I want to do with my life and where I want to go to college and to be quite honest, I don’t know (don’t say that I have an idea, because I don’t–but I do and it’s complicated). Sometimes I feel like asking “do you want fries with that” would be a better fit for me than asking a professor about their office hours. Of course, I have time to decide what I want to do with my life and make it happen but at the same time, I wonder what post-college Sabrina will be doing this time in 2022. Is she doing at 22, what I thought she’d be doing at 17? It can’t hurt to find out.

Are you happy? Have you made decisions that make you smile? Are there people around you that make every thunderstorm seem like a perfect 77-degree sunny day? If so, that’s good. I’m proud of you.

Are you comfortable? Are you confident? You weren’t that confident in 2017, or at least you didn’t think you were. I know you’re still 5’0 tall and you most definitely can only reach half the things in your apartment without a step stool. Hopefully, you own it more than you used to, but if you don’t that’s okay. If it needs to be up that high, then you obviously don’t need it anyway.

Did you go to the college you wanted? That’s a loaded question–I know. I hold your fate in my hands, and I can’t vote yet, nor can I drive without an adult over 21 sitting next to me. If time travel were real, you could sit next to me, and we could drive together, and you could tell me what you want me to do. I don’t want to mess up your life, my life, by going left when I should have gone right or by stopping when I should have sped up.

Have you changed your dreams? I have dreams now but, did you change them? Was the change because you couldn’t, or because you realized that it wasn’t your dream anymore? I hope our dreams haven’t become nightmares, but if they have, I hope you’re surrounded by people who will fight the monsters from your imagination (you’re a writer, so you know how active it can be).

But most of all, I hope you’re successful the way you always thought you would be.


You, 2017