I’ve been going to camp foreeeeever. By that, I mean since I was five. So, I just finished my 12th summer at camp, this year on staff. Over the years, I’ve learned quite a few things from my camping days:

  1. 1. Lavender soap protects from bug bites

Seriously! I don’t know why or how, but it works. We all scrub ourselves with lavender soap, and the bugs just stay away! And we smell good too! (well, for a limited time)

  1. 2. Living with people is difficult

Living with fourteen other girls that share the same bathroom can get a lil funky. Plus, you don’t have a choice. You don’t know these people, everyone has different ways of living, and it’s downright awkward moving into your bunks the first night. Somehow, we make it through, and by the end of the week, love them or hate them, your bunkmates become your sisters.

  1. 3. Long distance friendships do last

They really do! Camp friends are the best friends. Those disposable camera pics that have somehow gotten thrown to the back of my closet are still cherished, because those friends have remained some of my friends today. No matter how far, you only live a summer away :).

  1. 4. The lost and found is helpful

I can’t tell you how many flashlights, green pool towels, and one year even my whole l laundry bag went missing by the end of camp. Somehow, they always end up at the lost and found!

  1. 5. Always plan for rain

But rain isn’t in the forecast, you say? It’s always in the camp forecast. Before you know it, you’ll be in the middle of the woods at 2am camping with eighteen children, all snug in their tents, and here comes a torrential downpour. ALWAYS plan for rain.

  1. 6. How to light a one match fire

I just can’t tell you the secret for this one; you’ll probably have to learn at camp. Hint: make a teepee

  1. 7. Sharing is caring

Everything from shampoo to glitter paint to stamps to outfits for the camp dance. People bring the coolest things to camp, and you’ll never think your stuff is as cool as what your new best friend, who lives 200 miles away, has. You share a lil of yours; they share a lil of theirs.

  1. 8. You’re never “too cool” for anything 

Silly songs and camp chants, pool games and ice cream fights. No one ever gets “too cool” for camp. We dance on the tables and act like fools to make our campers laugh, and they do the same for us.

I hope some of you understand the way my heart bursts with you when I talk about camp. EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO CAMP. GO TO CAMP, EVERYONE!

Signing out,

Counselor Lucy!