What started off as an app for giving feedback on fellow coworkers has turned into a modern day Formspring. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the glory days of Formspring, the website and app allowed you to send anonymous questions and comments to anybody who had a profile. It was all fun and games until you became the center of online bullying and harassment, which is what Sarahah is transforming into today.

What makes this app even worse is its recent integration with Snapchat. Something as simple as swiping up on a Snapchat story gives absolutely anyone access to a person’s Sarahah, allowing them to say anything with the safety of anonymity.

Now – don’t get me wrong – I am not here to roast this app to a complete crisp; instead, I’m simply here to warn people of the effect Sarahah is slowly starting to produce. From what I’ve seen, most Sarahah feedback and responses I’ve seen have been 85% positive. I personally will not ever create and account or participate in the feedback parade. As a former and devoted Formspringer, this stuff can really drain you and leave you especially paranoid about who is saying what about you and who all agrees with the things that are said about you. So overall, I say that you should probably give up Sarahah…or not. It’s your choice, but be nice and be careful, grrls!!

Much love,