If you love makeup as much as I do, you end up spending a ridiculous amount of money on things to put on your face. And the worst part? Sometimes the expensive stuff isn’t even that good! Never fear! I am here to help. Looking to try something new or just find an inexpensive staple for your every day makeup? This is for you. Here is a list of five bomb makeup products, all under five dollars.

Essence Waterproof Eyeliner Pen $2.99 – This shit stays in place. The felt tip is super thin and hugs the lash line perfectly. Whether you’re doing a simple line or a cat-eye all the way out to your hairline, this liner does not smudge and removes surprisingly easily for a waterproof product.

Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick $4.99 – This is hands down the most comfortable long-wear lip product that I own. And it’s less than $5! This wears like a dream and barely transfers. My favorite color is Give Me Mocha; it’s the perfect dark nude on me. With thirteen shades, there’s a perfect shade for everyone!

NYX Butter Gloss $4.99 – As a lipgloss addict, I can assure you that this measures up to my outrageously expensive lipglosses. This does have to be reapplied after a couple hours of wear, but the packaging is small enough to fit in my ridiculously tiny girl pants’ pockets. I legit keep my favorite shade, Angel Food Cake, in my wallet. Yes, I carry this lipgloss around even when I’m not carrying a purse. That’s how good it is.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish $1.99 – The shades can be hit or miss in regards to opacity and how quickly they’ll chip, but when you find a good color, it’s like finding a gold mine. These nail polishes measure up to any you can buy at Sephora. In fact, my all-time favorite black nail polish is Sinful Colors. Black on Black is fully opaque in one coat. One coat! It chips fairly quickly, but I am hard on my hands so most polishes don’t last too long on me. But for $1.99 a bottle, I can afford to repaint my nails as often as I please!

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter $4.49– This is one of the best “natural” looking highlighters I have tried. Now, I like to glow. A lot. But there are some days where a landing strip highlight is not appropriate. This is perfect for those days. It is really a “nude” looking highlighter. It does not come off as white or pasty on darker skinned people, but it doesn’t look like I have a random stripe of contour on my cheek as a super pale girl.

BONUS: e.l.f. Makeup Brushes – Since these are technically makeup products I thought I would include them as a little bonus. e.l.f. makes fantastic makeup brushes for about as cheap as you can get them without buying the store brand. They vary a little bit in quality, but the majority of the brushes will not let you down, especially for the price tag. These brushes range in price and a couple of them are more than $5, but the majority hit under the $5 mark.