My family has both bought and adopted pets, and through the years, I have collected a ton of reasons why #AdoptNotShop is definitely the way to go when considering getting a new fur baby.

Save a Life

Approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats in shelters are euthanized each year because shelters are overcrowded and adoption is under-considered. By adopting, you could give a pet a loving home, saving them from a lifetime behind the cage until they are deemed “a hopeless case.”  When you adopt one animal, you’re making room for other strays so that they can at least be cared for until they find their own forever homes.

Save Money

Adopting a pet can range from $50 to $200 or so, depending on the city, shelter, and vaccinations. Buying, however, can get into the thousands. An akita? Up to $2000. Crazy, right?

Support Local Rescues 

A friend of mine drove nearly ten hours in order to pick up her new puppy once, but why do that when there are hundreds of animals that need homes in our own cities? Speaking of which, Alive Animal Rescue just took in several pups who were abandoned during hurricane Harvey here in Memphis. Each pup is a total sweetheart dying for a new family to take them in.

Protest Puppy Mills

Puppy mills operate like a factory. The mother spends her entire life in a cage with little to no companionship, other than to be bred over and over for the sake of producing purebreds. Once these mothers are no longer considered useable, they are usually either killed, abandoned, or sold at auctions. The rest of the animals are kept in tiny cages with “shockingly poor” conditions, which often result in ill and “behaviorally troubled” dogs (Humane Society). If you have ever purchased a pooch from a store, flea market, or online, it is most likely from a puppy mill. By adopting, you can help battle this inhumane process by taking away their business.

Gain a New Best Friend 

Your new fur baby will love you indefinitely for bringing them into your family. Many pets are sent to shelters because they were abandoned or violently abused (we’ve all seen the super depressing ASPCA commercials and burst into tears whenever we hear “Arms of an Angel”). Yes. Some people are actually cruel enough to harm an innocent animal like that. A once-neglected pup joining your family will create a heartfelt dependence on your new love. Others are put in shelters because their owners either moved or could not afford to keep them, so they are already house-trained and have their vaccinations. With that being said, you may not even need to pay for their shots, depending on their backstory and their age.

No pet is hopeless. Every dog and cat should have an equal opportunity to find their forever home. So, if you’re considering bringing a new loved one into your home, consider these points before deciding where you go. Tons of online adoption shelters have ways of requesting certain breeds, so you can find out where your perfect pet is waiting. Remember . . . #AdoptNotShop !!! <3

Love & Light,

Jordan Cardell