That’s it grrls, summer is dead.

Welcome to pre-fall and Pride month with GrrlPunch Magazine. I pushed back writing this editor’s note as much as I could until I absolutely had to because I don’t think I’ve felt pride in a really long time. Of course, my concept of “a really long time” is probably different than yours, but I think the last time I was proud of myself was April…maybe? However, I don’t even think I was truly proud because it was not I, myself, who won the debate but women everywhere. Let me enlighten you:

Setting: an honors political science class

Debate Opponents: two young men

Topic: abortion rights

* the crowd goes wild in the thunder dome*

Who reigns victorious? Yours truly.

Pride is becoming a bit of a sneaky little shadow that creeps up on you when you’re doing your morning sun salutation routine…cough cough (do you really do it every morning?)… asking what are you proud of today and expecting a novel-like response. Today, I’m just proud I got out of bed and continued to breathe without a fight because some days are just like that. Pride is definitely something I’m working on and that I’ll never truly stop working on. It’s hard to constantly feel proud of yourself or your passions or projects or actions or eating habits etc. etc. ETC. I think the root of my overall lack of pride is my tendency to overthink. Am I doing enough for others? Is GrrlPunch doing enough? Am I studying enough or drinking enough water? Am I smart enough or funny enough? Am I handling things the way I should be?

I have to stop myself before I get sick. So, one might ask…how do I cope? Personally, I don’t think I really “cope”. I work myself until I can’t think about it. But I think I recently found the answer to help my personal problem. As dumb and millennial as it may sound…Instagram accounts have been my savior this summer. Not your average Instagram account, mind you. Doodle artists that feature their artwork on their various pages have started to help me accept my personal worries and anxieties as they openly illustrate and display theirs to complete strangers.

Here are my favorite accounts at the moment:


@makedaisychains (her boring self care posts are gold)

@lordbirthday (if you need to laugh)




TRULY, these are the best of the best.

No matter you inner worries, anxieties, stresses…we challenge you to be proud of yourself this month. Try your best and when you fail on a bad day look at those Instagram accounts or scream and cry or play your favorite instrument. You deserve pride and that’s exactly why we’ve dedicated this month to that theme. Happy September everyone…BE PROUD!

Much Love Always,