I have this vision in my head of my wardrobe’s ideal aesthetic that is equally punk and wacky, and slightly slick. I’ve never some across that vibe until I came across a picture of “Soko the Cat” on the cover of Dazed Magazine wearing smudged red eye makeup, and a vintage ruffled shirt peeking out from a black motorcycle jacket. She effortlessly dons a cowboy hat in another picture I found. She slides between black and bleach blonde hair effortlessly. She is a new age emo kid who’s blossomed into a high fashion style icon. But who is this girl?

Soko is a fearless French musician, actress, and indie it-girl who should be your newest girl crush. Every time I watch her snapchat stories, my heart feels warm. She is silly and childish, but still produces introspective music. She is an emo millennial all grown up, but still working out emotional damage. Although most Americans were introduced to Soko when she started dating Kristen Stewart, she’s more importantly a musician and a major actress oversees.

Unlike many new faces of the indie it-world, Soko has fought her way through a hard life and has completely earned the success she has now. She has mentioned in interviews that the death of her father in her early childhood completely changed her life. She left her small hometown of Bordeaux for Paris at 16, in hopes of starting her acting career. She has won accolades and praise for her performances in French films “La Danseuse” and “Augustine” (both directed by women directors).

However successful she is as an icon and actress, Soko is a musician first. Her first album I Thought I Was an Alien is an gloomy, train-of-thought folk record. The single off the record “First Love Never Die” is a charming, yet powerful admission that even years after ending her first relationship, she still thinks about and tears up at the thought of it. Her second album is a more punchy, humorous record. “Who Wears the Pants??” is a jab at gender roles and “Lovetrap” is a part psycho-goth, part dream-pop tune about mermaid lovers.

So, she snapchats for Gucci during fashion week, walks red carpets with Lilly Rose Depp, and is cool enough to be deemed an “anti-it girl.” But her music suggests otherwise about her. In “Temporary Mood Swings” she sings that “I’m an anti-social mess,” and she confirms this in interviews. She is even open on social media about her struggle with depression and finding a girlfriend, but her fashion, music, and music videos never fail to be moving and authentically eccentric. She proves that through the murkiness and low points of life, you can still create beautiful songs, fashion, and films.