Let’s think about being alone, mostly because it’s freaking awesome.

No, but seriously, I am currently sitting tailor fashion on my bed listening to the Juno soundtrack (also freaking awesome), energizing my under-eyes with some gel eye masks, and writing this article about something I did kind of a while ago. But I’m honestly having a great time reminiscing on things I take pride in while also deflating the puffiness under my eyes. So let’s talk about not just being alone at home, but being alone out in public, which is actually still uncomfortable when I think about it, but bear with me.

At the beginning of July (or maybe the end of June, I don’t know), there was a free concert near my house, and I decided that I would find a friend to go with me, and we would have fun. It was on a Friday night, so I figured most people would be free, which was my mistake–no one was free.

Okay, so I’ll go with my mom.

No, that’s not gonna work. Dad’s out of the question, too.

It seems sometimes that the only person I can be fully dependent on is myself, and one day that will definitely be the wholesome truth, like when everyone else is dead and whatnot, assuming I’m meant to live that long. So, after careful consideration and basically just feeling like a loser, I decided I’d get a head start on that and go on my own, and it would be cool.

And it was, I guess. I went, I found a place to stand and hear the music, I talked to a band member for a bit, and then I went home. Truthfully, that was it. But, I didn’t really get on my phone (disclaimer: I did intermittently to check if my mom had texted me or not because I’m a small baby). I didn’t think about other people (except for my mom). I didn’t talk much, not unless I had to, really (which was with the band member; he liked my ratty Converse). I got tired after the first band, so then I went home and had some dinner. Then I went to bed.

I think the point of sharing this is to encourage people to DO THINGS ALONE because it really is super invigorating. Would I do it again? Probably not anytime soon. Since I wasn’t thinking about other people, I had all of my own focus on myself, so (needless to say) I thought about how stupid I felt and how hungry I was and how long my fingers were, and annoying stuff like that. I had fun because it was good music. But a bit of self-discovery came from the experience, and that bit, I’ll share with you: the older I get, the more of a homebody I am, so small outings like trips to the grocery store or to get gas with my mom are my favorite. I found that doing that kind of thing best suits me, so now that’s mostly what I do. That’s what you should do: what best suits you.

If big outings during which you’re by yourself are what you’re into, do that. I won’t, not for a while.

Get out there and do things, though, even if you don’t have anyone to do them with you. Go get dinner, go buy a shirt or some milk, go take your dog to the park. Being alone is way underrated. I collected the data to prove it, and I should hope that it wasn’t for nothing.