Honeymoon phases are a real thing. Seriously. If you and your significant other can make it past the two or three month time period that this phase consists of, then congratulations. You’ve probably stumbled upon love.

I have been in a grand total of two relationships in my life. The first, though I’ll admit resembled a middle school relationship and really had no hope from the get-go, failed at the three-month mark, as soon as things started to get real.

I talked to other people about my theory that relationships crash and burn after about three months which I have deemed the end of the honeymoon phase. Out of the four people I talked to, three of their relationships ended after three months and the other one is still in the same relationship.

So why is this? Part two of my theory suggests that this is because, by this point, you are comfortable enough around each other to have seen most of each other. It’s hard to hide your flaws from someone for 91 days. After 91 days, you can objectively look at someone and decide whether or not you like them in spite of their flaws. Before day 91 you could not do this because you were blinded by the feelings and hormones that come with the honeymoon phase, the phase in which flaws are non-existent.

This information will most likely not affect your life in any way. But I think it’s interesting to notice how an opinion of someone can change in such a short amount of time. In any relationship, the beginning is perfect because the people involved are still trying to impress the other. As soon as this facade comes down, it comes time to choose how one actually feels about the other without their metaphorical mask on.