I am addicted to coffee. There is hardly a day where I will not head directly to a coffee shop after school to drink coffee, do homework, and just chill out with my friends. However, there was a dark time in my life where I knew nothing but Starbucks coffee. But now that I have seen the light, I will impart my knowledge on to you, my fellow Grrlpunchers. So here it is: a list (in no particular order) of my favorite places to get caffeinated in Memphis, Tennessee.

Otherlands Coffee Bar (641 Cooper St., Memphis, TN 38104)

This is my spot. I’m not going to lie; Otherlands is my afterschool homework hangout. The coffee is by far not the best out of any on this list, but, in my opinion, Otherlands is the perfect homework spot. With three spacious rooms and lots of tables, there’s always room for one more. The baristas are nice and the food is good too (my personal favorites – bagel sandwich thing, cinnamon toast).

Java Cabana (2170 Young Ave., Memphis, TN 38104)

Java Cabana feels like midtown Memphis. The flower boxes on the windows and the little red tables welcome you in from the sidewalk and the “classic midtown” feel follows you inside. Java is pretty small; there is just one room, so sometimes it can be hard at times to find a place to sit. The coffee is fantastic (as are the milkshakes and the muffins) and every Thursday night is open mic night.

Avenue Coffee (786 Echles St., Memphis, TN 38111)

Avenue is a little spot right off University of Memphis campus that serves coffee for a cause. This non-profit has really good coffee to go along with a really good mission. With plenty of space to get some work done and baristas who volunteer their time to work there, it’s hard to turn down a trip to Avenue.

Cafe Eclectic (603 N McLean Blvd., Memphis, TN 38107)

If you’re looking for your coffee shop to double as the perfect brunch spot, look no further than Cafe Eclectic. They have three locations within easy distance for anyone who doesn’t live too far past East Memphis. The midtown location is the oldest (and my favorite) one. I could write a post about their food alone but I’ll leave you with these recommendations: the brie and pear panini, the house made biscuits, and the blueberry and lemon scones. Their cold brew is fantastic as well, as if you needed any more reason to go.

City and State (2625 Broad, Ave., Memphis, TN 38112)

Broad Avenue is slowly becoming more and more of a Memphis hang out spot and City and State definitely contributes to the appeal of the strip. The coffee shop is attached to a little gift shop in which I always manage to find something I need. City and State only accepts card though, so if you’re going make sure you don’t just have cash on you. They always have super interesting seasonal drinks and great classics, so if you’re looking for something different and new or something familiar and warm, City and State may be the place for you.

Tamp and Tap (122 Gayoso Ave., Memphis, TN 38103)

Another coffee shop with more than one location, I have chosen to represent the original downtown location. This is the perfect place to stop in as a break from walking around downtown or to stop in for a full meal. You guessed it, this is another perfect brunch spot. Their drink menu is diverse and if you’re looking for something harder than coffee or tea, the people at Tamp and Tap have got you covered; they also offer local beers on tap. My favorite drink from here is the Silver Service (an earl grey tea drink with lavender, vanilla, and steamed milk).

Muddy’s Grind House (585 Cooper St., Memphis, TN 38104)

But Muddy’s is just a cupcake shop? Think again! Muddy’s Grind House in midtown still serves up the famous cupcakes and cookies, but they also whip up some damn good coffee. In addition to the fabulous baked goods and coffee, the Grind House is also a really good place to study or get work done. They even have a quiet room just for that purpose!


Disclaimer: These are my opinions and in no way represent all of the coffee that Memphis has to offer. Several new coffee shops have opened in the past year and I have not been to them enough to form a solid opinion on the atmosphere or their coffee. If you have a suggestion for any fellow Memphians or any suggestions of a local coffee place in your city, please leave it below!